In BRINNER quality and the environment are considered as key pieces to ensure the proper development of the activities carried out:

  • Design and manufacture of sheet metal ducts.

For its assurance, BRINNER has developed and implemented an Integrated Quality and Environmental Management System (SICME) that identifies and defines responsibilities, procedures, resources, etc. in order to guarantee that the results of the processes applied, as well as the management that is made of the environmental aspects associated to them, satisfies the requirements of our clients, the legal requirements of environmental character and any other type of requirement that BRINNER would have acquired.

In this line we strive to prevent errors and effective control of them. The BRINNER Management wants, with this policy, to record its commitment to prevent pollution and the commitment to cover, and overcome if possible, with our services the needs of our customers, and continuously improve, with the participation, effort and dedication of all the staff.

Consistent with the decision and expressed will, the Management is committed to providing the material and human resources that are necessary to achieve the aforementioned objectives.

This Quality and Environment Policy is revised for its continuous adaptation, made available to the public and made known to all staff through internal dissemination of the same.