Filtros para conductos de chapa

In BRINNER we put at your disposal, a wide range of filters in different dimensions, efficiency and types to meet your filtration needs in their sheet metal ducts.

BRINNER offers the following filters for its sheet metal ducts:

  • FILTERS WITH METAL FRAME AND FOLDED MESH: In various dimensions and thicknesses as well as efficiencies (G4, M5, M6, F7, F8 and F9).
  • FILTERS WITH METAL FRAME AND SYNTHETIC BAGS: Available in various combinations of dimensions, with the possibility of different numbers of synthetic bags for each necessary efficiency (G4, M5, M6, F7, F8 and F9).
  • FILTERING BOXES: Of various dimensions, diameters and lengths.
  • G4 FILTERS FOR CIRCULAR DUCTS: Up to 500 mm in diameter.
  • FAT RETENTION FILTERS: Manufactured in 490x490x48 mm stainless steel frames.